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Hey! This Is Nice.

I'm in my car now. I was fooling around with my handphone and got it to connect with the internet. Don't worry...I'm not driving at the moment. I am waiting for my girlfriend to come out from her workplace.

I manage to install Opera Mini in my lousy Nokia 3220 handphone. Now I can post my ape rants from my handphone…yup! Anyway it’s to slow for my liking. But still nice considering that I’m an ape…ha ha ha!

Hope that I can use the image stored inside my handphone and post it here. There still a lot of things to try. I know…I’m a bit outdated when it comes to technology. But slowly I’ll manage. Hopefully I can change my blog template soon. Right now it looked so lame. Ape have taste you know : )

PS: now I need a new handphone…hhmmm ( ^-^ )