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Traffic Jam?

Again, I found something fascinating in the internet. It’s about traffic…no not the one on the road but the other one that happen in the internet.

By all means, having traffic into your blog is a good thing. Huh..? Well when a lot of people go into your blog and start reading, that contribute to your blog traffic.

It is hard for me to describe it because I am not benefiting anything with a rise of traffic into my blog anyway. But for those who used adsense, it could mean a lot…like making a lot of moolah from the internet.

For those who are interested in this kind of traffic, I found an article in a pdf format that you guys can download from the net.

It’s by Allan Gardyne of the fame AssociatePrograms.com. The article is entitled "77 Ways to Get Traffic". It's free yay!

PS: any banana for me ( ^.^ )