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Long Distant Running.

I did long distant running a long time ago. Running long distant is not just merely about fitness and stamina but also strategy. In a long run, who ever have the patient to wait for the last dash will eventually win. Calculating your ability is not that easy, you have to be able to understand your advantages and also your opponent’s weakness.

I think blogging is similar to long distant running. The only thing that is missing is the opponent. You yourself are the opponent actually. Conceiving defeat means you do not have the heart to continue blogging.

One rule that I learn from long distant running is that you never sprint on early stages. Other runner will smoke you on the last lap of the race. Balancing your energy and position to be able to strike on the last lap is the hardest key to success.

Now sometimes when we are blogging, we want the result fast. Meaning you want to tell every story that you know to everyone. If you do this I predict that you will encounter a time when you have no idea on what to write. I call that pancit….he he he

I know that I am new at blogging. I don’t really have the right to teach anyone because there are a lot of you out there who are more successful. Actually this advice is for me. I’m jotting down this so that I won’t forget : )

PS: ape learn things from his own experience…