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When A Favour Becomes Your Duty.

Hey… I got one comment! Not so bad for a new blog. Suppose that someone out there is reading. I welcome you who ever you are : )… So how’s life... Me? I’m still alive aren’t I…Anyway I want to ask you something…

Have you ever helped your workmate? Have they come and ask you to do the same thing again? Well this happen to me when I was working for my former company. You do a favour for them and it becomes your job. I hate it when this happen. After working 3 years there, I can not take it anymore. I love my job, I like what I do. But when a small thing becomes a distraction, it’s just plain frustrating. I resign after that. The pressure was piling way beyond my tolerance already.

I’m now working in a new company already. I still don’t know if I’m going to last here for a long time. It’s all ok for now thought I just started working here for 1 whole year. Now that I have a fresh new start, I hope I won’t do the same mistake that I have made last time…I hope…being an ape that I am

PS: Do I really have to do these ps: thing???