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TVU Player

I have been using this software to watch P2P TV online. In other word I can watch cable television show online. It has about 30 plus channel to choose from. You have ESPN, CNN, Animal Planet, Channel V, HBO and a lot more.

The quality is just in par with normal broadcast television show. Mind you that it is not high definition. If you are looking for HD, then I think you should subscribe with your local station (I still don’t have Astro). Astro are having a promotion RM199 for installation and a minimum RM50 per month.

The good thing about TVU Player is that it’s totally free (but still can't beat Astro quality). Imagine if I knew about this before the world cup, no more lepaking at the nearest mamak stall : ) Using broadband is advisable. I can’t imagine using your 56K modem for this…

You can download it here www.tvunetworks.com

PS: another community project by ape ( ^.^ )