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We Lost To China Because Of The Hair (Malaysia 1 China 5)

By half time I was already watching Ugly Betty on 8TV. Did you know that last night episode was about Betty and her family in Mexico? Yup, and I like the funny part where Marc and Amanda team up to destroy Tavares carrier…upss! Sorry about that, I should be talking more about football then Ugly Betty here…thousand apology.

So last night Malaysia played well…not! If you say losing 5-1 to China is ok, then you are sick. The Malaysian supporters were awesome but the players were not…I just don't know where to start, it was just that awful. Only in the first 10 minute that we have some sense of player positioning. After that the defender was all over chasing the ball. When the first goal went in, it was all over for us. I'm not being unpatriotic here but the players just gave up after that…you can see it in their faces.

There were many factors to blame on. One of it was our players height…we were shorter then the Chinese player. But then again, the Vietnamese players also lack height but still can go against taller opponent and win. The sport commentators on TV2 also keep on saying that some of the Chinese players have EPL playing experience…so what? We have the “Super League” here in Malaysia, doesn't that count? Nevertheless kudos to both commentators, they were still giving compliment to the Malaysian players when they were playing like kindergarten children.

Beside me just complaining, here is an idea on how to improve our football team….ask Azizon (GK) to cut his “rebounded” long shining hair. Believe me, the hair is disturbing his sense off balance. That's why he is caught out of position every time the ball comes near the goalpost…anyway, is it only me or did anyone notice that Azizon looks like Jaime Foxx the US actor? (another reason for him to cut his long hair)

PS: I hope Indra Putra Mahayuddin is in the starting lineup for the second match.

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My "prediction" was correct... but it wasn't that hard a prediction, and yes I had fun rooting for the other team. After the match I looked at old videos of Mokhtar Dahari - my goodness, how far have we fallen...

~ hopefully they can improve after this...anyway, where can I find videos of the late Mokhtar Dahari match? I really wanna know how good we were during the golden times...

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