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Malaysia Vs Uzbekistan (No Live Match On RTM)

They are not going to show any live telecast of Malaysia going against Uzbekistan this afternoon on al-chepo TV channel. Yup, RTM won't be showing it…you can check it on the newspaper (I hope I'm wrong about this). For all I know, only ESPN (81) have it on their schedule. I want to see our team on local TV channel…and they say support our national team…right!?

The kick off time should be around 6:20pm today and it should be an interesting match for us. After China molested as last time, we should be able to try to defend ourselves this time around. I can't imagine another big spanking for us anymore. It's embarrassing for the country.

I'm not going to turn my back on the team…I never did. I'm not going to go and supports the Uzbekistan team when were down to a couple of goal. I just wish that our team understand that a lot of us supporters will still be by their side after countless of disappointment. I just wish the can win it today.
Good luck boys…

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oopss.. 5-0.. bravo

i turned on tv1 at 10pm and saw the match live. 0-3 down, i thought the worst was over but of course i was dead wrong.

After many years of no improvement, but rather steady slide, and no solution in sight, i think us long suffering fans have the right to what we like now.

it's a long climb back to what we use to be...better start now before we fall into the dark pit of no return...better get those who have heart to play then those who just want to wait for their salary...i've seen primadona' on EPL, but they can't even challenge s some of our "best" players acting...

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