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Even Fortune Teller Can't Predict Our Malaysian Football Team Future.

Have you ever tried to get your future read by fortune teller? There’s a lot of version of them but lets look within our country…no need to go outsidelah ok. Those gipsy fortune teller can’t be trust anyway. They only predict people’s future in the movie only. Let us look at our local Chinese fortune teller.

I have no experience at all getting my fortune told before so I ask ducky about it when I was back in Sabah last May. For your information, ducky is Chinese but he can speak Kadazan far better then I…shame on me. Anyway ducky advised me to be careful when it comes to fortune teller.

He told me that he had once ask a fortune teller to teach him how to read peoples future (4D lah tu). At first the guy didn’t want to tell him anything but after a while…with ducky being persistent, he eventually opens up.

The fortune teller told ducky that he can somehow talk to your spirit. It’s kind of like talking to your inside (spirit) without you (body) being aware of it. From there the fortune teller can ask your spirit anything…like how old you are, your hamster’s name and other stuff that only you know (present time only). So by the time you sit down, he already know what to say to make you believe in him. In other word, he knows you and your past but knows nothing about your future.

Depend on you guys to believe in it…kind of hard for those 4D enthusiast who’s searching for short cuts…

Anyway now that I have told you a little bit about fortune telling, who can guest how many goals Malaysia will let go when they face Uzbekistan.

PS: I believe in numbers…that is why I’ve made a formula to predict our team performance for the next match. I’ll will post it tomorrow…

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