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Vista After 4 Month

I've been using Windows Vista for almost 4 month now. It was somewhat fun in the beginning but now I'm bored. Besides the eye candy, there's nothing much I can say about it. You feel like it lacks something. Maybe it's just me and my high expectations or maybe not. Here are some bad and good things about Vista from my personal experience.

The Bad

1. There is no progress indicator when you defrag your hardisk. You are left guessing and at the end of the day, you would just cancel the whole process because you feel stupid.

2. Whenever your transfer files, it automatically try to calculate how long the transfer time is and it takes more time in doing so.

3. The extra bucks you pay for the “Ultimate” version will ultimately go down the drain because you only get 1 extra game, a few nice language pack, security whatever and the ability to use video clips as your wallpaper. The later slows down your PC. I know this because I was duped in buying this version.

4. Lots and lots of free security patches from Microsoft that it has become a routine for me to let the computer update itself before I use it. That's about 10 to 15 minutes of my life.

5. Forget about using ReadyBoost. It only improve you system a “little bit” and the protruding USB stick is a hazard for children and also grown man.

6. You maybe have to buy a new computer in order to use Vista.

7. Windows Vista Service Pack 1 release is taking a long time.

8. I forgot what DirectX 10 was supposed to do…

9. Drivers, drivers and drivers…

The Good

1. Aero user interface look stunning.

2. Windows Vista Flip 3D.

3. The new icons. I like it when you can resize it to giant size icons and see a preview of what's inside.

4. Internet Explorer is simpler and I can open new tab just like Firefox.

5. It feels like Windows XP Professional a bit…if that is a good thing.

6. I still can use some old software and games. Example: EA Sports Football Manager 2002

7. Windows DVD burning…at last.

I just wish that SP1 can erase/improve those small annoying things in Vista…hopefully. I heard some rumors about a new operating system from Microsoft called Windows Seven (Windows 7)…

PS: Remember the formula I was talking about yesterday? I think, I'll tell you about it tomorrow…it's too early.

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The Bad :
10. UAC (User Account Control} thinks you are a retard.

11. Having 1GB RAM will feels like 512MB in WinXP. Please get 2GB.

12. RUN command is hidden from taskbar by default.

13. Default Vista install consumes 6-10GB of your Hardisk, XP used Max 2GB.

14. Consumer confusing multi flavours of Vista.

The Good :
8. Power management is a lot better now.

9. TCP/IP speed is slightly faster than XP.

10. Can install and run for 30days without license key.

11. Caching is great if you have 2GB+ RAM.

12. Windows Defender enabled by default.

13. Wireless Controls is excellent.

14. Volume Shadow Copy. Best thing ever coming out from Microsoft.

~ now the score is the same...The Bad (14) vs The Good (14)...and about the UAC, yes it's true that it thinks that we user are like cows...just turn it off for good.

I like the DVD burning one the best.. hahahaha

woah..u really bought windows vista ultimate?? u must be really ultimate rich!!

~ it was from part of my bonus...lets say it was a long term investment decision

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