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A small step for Malaysian football (Malaysia 0 Iran 2)

We didn’t win the game last night…but boy was it good to watch. For once I enjoyed seeing Ali Karimi “complaining” at the non stop leg chopping by our defenders. I think that he was kind of scared looking at the way our boys tackling their player one by one. I particularly don’t easily give out credits to any Malaysian footballer, but I saw some brilliance in Shukor Adan…he played his heart out without fear.

The Iranian players were a bit faze because they didn’t expect resistance in the shape of a Malaysian football team. Who wouldn’t…just look at our match records; we are not up to par with the other teams. Nevertheless after last night, the Iranian players would think twice…some of them where close to loosing their head…. I think some of them still feel the pain today.

It was a bold decision by the coach (Norizan) to field 6 defenders. Defending hard and always pressing the Iranians forward to make error…it could have finish better but at least with this kind of playing style, we could scare the hell out of any team. The intimidating way of defending looks to suite our players well. I think we should start building a team based on heavy tackling and built a reputation as the most aggressive team in Asia first. If we can’t be the best then we surely can be the baddest of all (not worst ok). I just wish that we can find a striker with the caliber of the late Mokhtar Dahari. Only then we can have a team with aggressive tackling and deadly counter attacks…that would be a dream come true.

PS: It was a rare sight but our keeper (Azizon) did a good job also.

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