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The Funds Are In (PayPal)

I have successfully transferred my PayPal funds into my Citibank Visa credit card. The whole process took about 4 days to complete and it’s a good thing considering that PayPal estimated the whole process would take about 5 to 7 days to clear.

On Tuesday, I made a request to withdraw USD371.00 from my PayPal account to my Citibank Visa. Note that the credit card that I’m using is already verified by PayPal.

I don’t know how long it would take a non verified credit card to process but you still can withdraw using one. One more thing to remember, your credit card would offset any outstanding balance that you owed them with the funds that are going in.

Yesterday PayPal completed the process from their side and all I have to do is to wait for Citibank to credit the funds in. I thought it was going to be next week. But then again…

Today when I went in Citibank Online, I was greeted by the funds credited in my credit card accounts. They credited in RM1262.99 from the USD371.00 that I have transfer. That’s about the same exchange rate that the current rate the market is using.

You can always Google to find out the rate.

PS: I don’t know yet what I should do with extra funds in hand. I had always wanted an iPod. That’s the main reason why I did paid reviews. The iPod touch is here, maybe I should get one…

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Congrats! Anyway if I am not mistaken, you need to be a verified member to withdraw your PayPal funds into your credit/debit card. I am still waiting for my statement in order to complete the verification process. I hope my AmBank credit card will be able to accept the funds without a problem.


yup that's true, you have to be a PayPal verified member to withdraw... then again, you still can withdraw using your other credit cards beside the one that you use to verified PayPal

good luck!

Congrats to you. :-)

I did took out a little sum to test water. I want to find out the conversion rate. From what you wrote, it's a good rate. Much more than I had expected. :-)

I did not apply for Maybank online banking so I guess I will have to check the ATM machine for the transfer. (my ATM is linked to my credit card)

thanks helen...

i wanted to do the same at first but the cost made me think twice. bored waiting for others to find out, i just went ahead and do it. the exchange rates from citibank was higher then what i expected. let me know the rate for maybank ok, good luck!

well done!


super thanks!

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