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I needed some fresh air to clear off my mind from work and this unintended blog of mind... I need to do something else productive at least…and maybe lose some weight in the process. I can’t fit into my fav jeans anymore…dang! Everything is falling down the hill…my health, my work (passion)….except for my relationship…Its growing everyday…

I started walking up to my apartment bypassing the lift for some cheap thrills…who needs a “Fitness First” when you can get a 17th story staircase work out everyday for free (I’m tempted to go all the way up)…my wallet is bleeding dry anyway.

I haven’t been downloading my usual anime suspect…the broadband line was on snail mode again. Right now I’m looking forward on setting a low cost downloading server at home. All those years of collecting computer junk will finally do something good…I hope…wish that I can do something with the broadband…heck!

That’s my August post for now…