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Hell Parking

The place that I’m renting now has a critical parking situation. It all started when the management ask us to replace the old car sticker to a new one (fugly). I have changed mind and the problem is some of the others have not and the security guard is confused and letting them in without really checking whether they are still renting there.

It got even worst when the security guards management hired new personals. The new guys are so stupid that they even let in those without sticker. Ask why they are not doing their job, one of them even have the courage to tell my fiancée that there were residents car who have not managed to get the new stickers and ask us to park outside. I don’t know where these guys are from but they are sure lazy and stupid. I myself can show you which car doesn’t have the right to park inside.

Today, people who have new stickers have to fight for parking spaces with those who have “expired” stickers and also those who “tak tahu malu” people who say that they a residents there when they are not. Plus that with retarded security guard who sleeps on the job, you get piss off people who just park their car anywhere they want.
There is a simple solution for all this trouble, change the dumb ass security guard and let professional ones blast those idiotic care owners who are still in love with their expired car stickers and also those faggots who forgotten where they live and have the nerve to park on other peoples parking lot.

I hope that the management solves this problem soon. I’m getting tired of going around the parking lot looking for an empty lot. To add to the pain, the stupid security guards presented me with a pink “Do Not Park Here” letter pasted on the rear car window. I had to peel it off slowly…bastards!