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Just Another Day

I didn't do much today, its only 2:38pm actually. I missed my lunch just now. I went to pay the car insurance and renew my road tax…plus going to the bank to pay the car monthly installment. I reach office around 1:15pm and their where only biscuit for me to munched down. Now I'm feeling the effect already, my tummy is drumming like crazy. Poor tummy…

So it's official already. Our PM is going to get married again this Saturday. Congratulation and may your days will be fill with joy and laughter. I wish you all the best dear PM.

Tonight will be a boring one I guest. Nothing much on TV this time around. For your information, I still don't have the luxury of having Astro in the house. Miss England's match last night. Heard that Beckham played an important role for England…and Owen scored...unbelievable isn't it…cheers!