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Getting Enough Pay?

You heard about the pay rise didn’t you. I wish that I could have been one of those lucky guys/gals working for the G. I mean, what’s wrong with giving anyway…you could give me a pay rise if you like too...(^-^)/

I have been thinking just now… How much salary would make a “normal” Malaysian happy? I like to say RM10K but that would be too much to ask. Let’s be realistic, let’s get down to the middle/normal/average standard. How much do you think, would be enough? Enough for us to eat healthy (Maggi doesn’t qualify ok) and also enough for us to have a small saving at the end of the month.

I know that different person have different needs but that doesn’t mean that you’ll need a lot of money to be happy. At least we can compare our ideal salary expectation and see whether we would feel lucky about our current pay…so, how much?

Jungle Talks: Did you know that MU wouldn’t be coming to Malaysia? I know that AFC is standing firm with its decision and its good that they are showing integrity. But who was the one who thought that they could get away with it knowing well it was breaching the agreement. I just hope that MU would not take this seriously and boycott Malaysia forever.

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Thank you for the nice post.

~ you are welcome...thanks for commenting

Good post! IMHO, the money will never be enough. When I earned little it was not enough. Now I earned much more it's still not enough! I think even if I earn 6 or even 7 figures it will still not be enough.

~that is so true...when money is not a barrier anymore, you begin to think about living forever...that's what humans are for...

even George Soros neither Bill Gates were satisfied for what they already had..

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