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I haven't been blogging for a while now. It's a breath of fresh air for me I guess. It seems that having to post almost everyday since September last year made me unhealthy lately…yeah right /(^.^)\. It's been very busy in the office since management took the liberty to have a shuffle in its structure. I've been kept on the tip of my toe since last week but then again, I'm somewhat happy with all the changes that have been made.

For once I feel that the true purpose of me resigning from my old company to moving here in the new company have finally come true (after over a year). I'm not going to comment further about it but I would like to add that with the departure of a certain individual (long overdue), everything have become more organize and productive. I wish it had come much sooner but its better late the never…

There are a couple of changes that would be happening in this blog of mind. For once I won't be posting like crazy everyday just to keep up with what I've promised to myself last time. I will blog when I feel like it and when I have time to do so. It wouldn't mean a lot for me and this blog anyway because there aren't many visitors here except for my girlfriend…hi dear \(^-^)/…

The other change that I would like to do is to tone down a little bit of the advertisement and also less PPP. As you have notice, there is hardly any PPP post here since middle of February. I'm not saying that PPP isn't good; it's just that I'm taking it slow until PayPal let us Malaysian withdraw from them (if that is ever going to happen anyway). If you want to sign up for PPP, just sign up from my blog ok…he he he

So have a productive week ok…


me haven't been blogging as much as i would like to either. it 's really difficult when there isn't an internet service i can access to anytime i like. but anyway glad yr office situation has improved. ah, we humans can be very difficult to get along with sometimes.... there are even rivalries in the animal kingdom, what more us haha..

~rivalries comes and goes with time...today they might be your friends but tomorrow no one knows...maybe you can try blogging by sms...there's an option for you to set up you posting e-mail address...cheers!

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