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Being Older

When you get older, it’s kind of hard for you to except advices from people around you. You developed this ego barrier that puts you higher then everyone around you. Be it your boss or even your friends. It hard for you’re to admit that you are wrong and that you need assistance. It’s even harder for you when you have to bow down to someone whom was under your administration last time.

Even though their intention is good, it’s just hard for you to just except their advice and help…thrust me it’s hard. You begin to make excuses about things that they want to help. It’s the way I do it, it’s my style, it’s just to hard for me to learn this…some of the excuses I always make when I feel intimidated. I guess, all of us have to go through this once in a while… I called it being a stupid ape.

I went to church the other day and I learn something useful . You have to be humble in life no matter what because it’s the only way for you to move forward in life. It’s hard to explain but I felt something about it and how true it was for me… maybe I should start making other peoples life easier.

Jungle Talks: Remember when I said about the girl that pass away playing games for 6 hours… well I read her blog and I felt that I have to do justice here and correct my mistake. The truth is, she was working hard when it happen. For a person just trying to make it in life…it’s just not fair. Bless her and rest in peace.