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Penang Bridge 4/4/2007

There wasn’t a single soul that wasn’t frustrated at the traffic jam that happen today. The police totally cut of Penang Bridge access during the afternoon causing a crawl from the island and also the mainland. People were given early warning about the cut off but it wasn’t enough. They want to go home and that made the jam biblical…

For you who didn’t heard about it, there was a bom threat that was issue for the bridge. The police had to cut off all access to comb the whole bridge for possible danger. Sure enough, the evening news on the TV confirm about the whole inccident. The bridge resume it’s normal operation around 7pm...

Congestion On Penang Bridge After Bomb Hoax

PENANG, April 4 (Bernama) -- A massive traffic jam lasting more than two hours occurred on the Penang Bridge from 4.45pm today when police closed both lanes on the bridge after receiving a call about a bomb being placed on the bridge this afternoon.

Timur Laut District Police Chief ACP Azam Abdul Hamid said the bridge was closed from 4.45 this afternoon to enable the bomb detection unit to carry out a check and prevent undesired incidents to befall on the public using the bridge.

He said the police had closed the bridge shortly after receiving the call about the bomb.
Upon inspection, police found a metal pipe measuring 30.48 cm long at the Km38 on the Penang-bound lane, he said when contacted by Bernama, here today.

The bomb detection unit later detonated the pipe at the site at about 6.30pm.
The bridge was reopened to the public at about 7pm after the police had ensured that the situation was safe.


PS: Luckly I went to the toilet before driving off…