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Why are you making scratch mark on my car bumper?

I went to TMPoint Bayan Baru next to Sunshine Square today for some unresolved matter (you know how they work…slowly…). Anyway while I was trying to park my car, a young chap came out off no where and started fiddling around the car front bumper. He acted like he owns the car and frantically trying to rub something off. He was wearing a red shirt and was holding this peculiar black office bag.

I went to confront him as to why he was touching my property. To my annoyance, he was trying to promote some aerosol polishing stuff that I don’t want. He was fiddling with my front bumper because there was a small 5cm scratch mark on it and he wanted to demonstrate how ‘powerful’ his product was. Being late already, I scuffed away telling him that I wasn’t interested. It was a big mistake leaving the car unintended…

After going to TMPoint and taking my lunch, I went back to inspect the small scratch mark that the young chap had showed me earlier. AND BEHOLD…the small scratch mark that was originally 5cm diagonally has grown to a 15cm long scratch with some artistic stroke. It was man made and I suspected the young chap happily added it for me free of charge.

Luckily for me, the scratch can be removed easily by waxing it a bit.

So be careful when parking around the area. It wasn’t a deep scratch but who wants a stranger scratching your car just for the sake of showing off how great his product is? Let say his product wasn’t that powerful at all, what would you do?

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